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Concert Services

Party Bus

The thunder of drums, the thump of a bass, the power of good guitar playing, and the lyrics you love to sing. Not too many social activities match the potential of a concert to release the repressed side of your personality. Why? Because nobody cares how you have fun at a concert - they're there to do the same thing.

The venue can be small, large, indoor, or outdoor, but as long as you have friends, your preferred beverage, a band, a stage, and some songs, not much can spoil your good time.

Find the right band in the right venue and let Diamond Limousine & Transportation take the worry out of coming and going. Have a party on the way, at the show, and on the way home (if you can still manage), and let one or our professional drivers chauffeur you safely to the show and back to your home.


Walnut Creek Amphit
Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek 

Walnut Creek Amphit
PNC Arena 


SUV Limousine

10 hrs $700. 5-10 guest
10 hrs $600. 2-4 guest
**Prices includes Parking**



SUV Limo



Your Big Day is coming quicker than you could imagine. Have you reserved your transportation??

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Luxurious Limousines and Party Buses.

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Night out on the Town
Have fun, but be responsible. There is nothing wrong with having a good time out with friends - we all enjoy doing it. The question is how to do it responsibly.Diamond Limousine & Transprotation can help.

Military Functions
We wish you all the best with your efforts, and want nothing more than for everyone to return home safely. Diamond Limousine & Transportation appreciates all your hard work and dedication, and we look forward to serving you.
We know how important reunions can be. At Diamond Limousine & Transportation our goal is to do our part to make sure that your special events will become memories to cherish alongside those you already have.
Our Fleet
We have everything you need to provide you with the best transportation services available. Check out our fleet to see what is available for your special occasion.
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